My name is Dean and I am the go-to tech guy here at ReDo. No matter if it is trying to breath life into an old donated laptop or get the printer to scan that document, I’m there. I’m also taking care of our photo studio, something that we are happy to lend out to local businesses by appointment. Part of ReDo’s way of thinking is that sharing resources is an important way forward – Do we all really need to own one of everything? If you have any questions, want to donate a laptop/camera/mobile phone or want to know more about the photo studio, please send me an e-mail to dean@redo-norfolk.co.uk

My Story

I grew up in a council estate in Norwich. A fairly typical working-class family with enough but not more, I would say I had a happy childhood. School was not a passion of mine to put it lightly: I have always found it very difficult to learn from reading books unless it is something I am actually interested in. The school don’t really cater for individuals like me, even though I dare to say that we are many. The quote “Judge a fish by his ability to climb a tree it will live his whole life believing he is stupid” pretty much sums up what I feel about the school system. Thankfully I am quite strong-minded and could leave it all behind me with a shrug of the shoulders, but this is not the case for most. Part of what ReDo Norfolk wants to do is allow kids like me a place to learn by doing and find their passion (I am very much still a kid, just a bit greyer Just ask Maria, she will tell you!) Everyone has a talent and everyone deserves a chance.