We believe that there is a massive problem in society where we waste not only items but individuals. People born in the “wrong place” don’t get the same chances as some born just a few streets away. People suffering from anxiety, depression or even just low confidence, gets ignored. Young people are expected to work for next to nothing just to get a foot in the door of the job market. Someone in their late fifties is suddenly considered “a bit too old” and someone with undiagnosed autism is “just a bit awkward”.
It’s like the world just moves too fast for us to stop and see the people behind the surface. We would argue that this leads to not just a waste of talent, but also contributes to the mental health crisis we see in the world.
We want to provide people with a safe place they can grow, and develop their talents with us – and together develop the organisation to provide room for even more.


Make sure to bookmark this page if you would like to join us in the future. This is where we will advertise for paid positions as well as volunteers within the project!