We believe that the majority of people are willing to change habits but that many don’t because they are not sure how or where to start. We live in a world where we often feel powerless and insignificant and this can lead to the impression that “what I do as a person does not matter. I am just one”.
We want to empower people and help them understand that just one small change can have a massive impact on the world – all it takes is a lot of “just one person” to do the same thing!
We want to provide people with a free platform where they can find solutions for the things they normally would just bin. This platform should be driven by “a hive mind” principle, where anyone can ask questions and everyone can contribute with their solutions. Over time we envision almost an encyclopaedia of solutions where people can find solutions and links for almost anything.
This can be links to groups able to repurpose, reuse, repair or recycle whatever your item is.
But it can also provide a list of alternatives to otherwise disposable and single use things.