My name is Maria, and I am the group's passionate, visionary/entrepreneur. People, solutions and new ideas are what drive me and I find it really difficult to NOT start new things. Actually, this is one of the main reasons we chose the name “ReDo – Norfolk” – The others in the group said that way they can limit me or we would end up with world domination plans in a week! So if you have an idea for a project, event or just want to ask “what can I do with xx instead of throwing it away” I’m your gal! Send me an email at maria@redo-norfolk.co.uk and let's have a coffee and a chat!

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My Story

I was born in the south of Sweden on a cold day in February 1978. I am the youngest of just two children and I don’t want to brag but my brother Joakim is the best brother in the world. My parents were, I believe, very modern parents, and believed in freedom and responsibility. I was allowed to make my own decisions, even when they were not the best, something that taught me that actions have consequences. They brought us up teaching us that life might not always be fair but we can be whatever we want, as long as we try. And if it doesn’t work, try something else, just dare to be brave! Without a doubt this was the foundation to the woman I am today. Jorgen, my dad, is a man with a brilliant mind, fantastic ideas far ahead of his time and the restless nature of a true entrepreneur. When I need someone to brainstorm with, he is there, giving me perspective, wisdom and his thoughts. Elisabeth, my beautiful mum who had art flowing through her veins, a kind but also rebellious mind and organisation skills second to none. She saw the world in full colour and more shades than anyone I have ever known. Losing her in December 2020 was the hardest thing I have ever had to endure and I would like to dedicate this all to her, as she is the reason I could afford to be brave and take that step towards this new future. So why ReDo? The idea of ReDo is one that has been brewing in my slightly hyperactive brain since 2014. It is a mix of everything I stand for with the basis of it is simple: everything and everyone has a place and a use. What I see in the world is a massive waste of not just items but talent! Imagine if we actually stopped and listened to people and found their passion and helped the grow as individuals instead of forcing them to conform. Wow. “No one can do everything but everyone can do something. Together we can change the world.”


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