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Threads of
More Than
One Hat

From Beats to Bond


Robert Herne Bond was a farmer’s son raised in Ludham.
After working as a grocery shop assistant he moved to Chelmsford where he was a foreman, working for his brother John. In 1879 Robert moved back to Norfolk and purchased a drapers shop at 19 – 21 Ber Street and this would be the start of Bond Norwich.
In 1914 the humble shop on Ber Street had grown to a Grand Arcade connecting the Ber Street property with one on All Saint’s Green. The window displays this arcade created were grand indeed, and as we so many things, Norwich is believed to be the first to do something like this on such a large scale.

It was his wife, Mary Anne, who had a passion and talent for millinery and while looking after the couple's 6 children, she managed to find time to make hats to sell in the shop.
In the 1930s’ more than 30 assistants were selling hats, with more than 20 milliners working to create different styles.

Maybe this hat was made using tools such as these?


What is the most well-made item in your wardrobe?

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