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October 2022 - December 2022

Maria Thornberg

31 Dec 2022

Q4 2022 - The quarter of growth, future planning and settling in to a routine.

The office next door to our double office suddenly became vacant and we pounced at the opportunity. Signing a contract allowing us to set it up first before officially taking it on made it all possible. The Re-Create room in its first stage started to take place. Outside of the office we organised jumble sales raising money for charities and help save close to one tonne of clothing, shoes and accessories in circulation. We also hosted another of our popular craft de-stashes in Taverham and the comments we had were amazing. One lady said that this sale allowed her to afford being creative as she simply could not afford to buy new. The end of quarter 4 2022 was dedicated to a lot of intensive planning and preparation for a year 2023 full of promises. Through sales both in person and online ReDo saved over 2 tonnes of textiles in different ways. Well done us!

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