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Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Wherever you live, it is so easy to get into a routine.

Same café, same shops, same path. Day after day, year after year.

It’s safe and it feel comfortable. But have you ever thought about what you might be missing?

Just around the corner you might find that amazing little shop or the restaurant with the best home baked bread…

I decided to challenge one of my friends and show her what she could find just around the corner from where she lives and these are three highlights from that walk.

Our first stop was Ian Fox’s Maps And Sea Charts. This little gem situated on 105C Portersfield Road (NR2 3JX) is the tiniest little shop absolutely filled with old maps, vintage posters, lithographs and all sorts of random vintage items. Ian used to work in the police force in Norwich and it is worth a visit here just to have a chat with this lovely man. Make sure to check opening times before you go, but he does live really close by, so try his mobile and he might just open up the shop for you!

At our second stop, we simply stopped outside a building to admire the exterior. It is the most amazing living building I have seen in Norfolk (feel free to prove me wrong :D ), and the fact that it houses a Norfolk business who produces furniture that will last generations AND has a reclaimed wood range too, well…. We love them!

Check out The Annex on 113 Unthank Road!

Our third stop of the day is found just off Unthank Road, on 81 Park Lane (nr2 3el). This little juice bar is the best! Friendly staff, yummy freshly pressed juices and you can tell it is a proper community space. The space is filled with interesting things to look at and make sure to check out the saltwater tank. Mesmerising! And yes, the coffee is fab too 😊

What hidden gems are your little secret?

Where do you think we should go next?

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