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ReDo - Jumble

ReDo - Jumbles are more than just "jumble sales". It is high end, high quality and second to none!

According to one study, approximatly 20% of what is donated to a charity ends up being sold. The rest get culled either due to not being perfect (broken/chipped/dirty etc), legal reasons (health and safety/DVD copies etc) or because they just didn't sell fast enough in the shop. Charities do their best to save things, but reality is that space and time often prohibits them. Through our jumbles we help charities extend the life of usable items, and at the same time providing a cheap and sustainable alternative for locals. We are already saving around 500 kilos of clothes, shoes, bags and bric-a-brac from going to waste per jumble sale and the aim is to start hosting these in other areas too in the future.

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