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April 2023 – June 2023

Maria Thornberg

30 Jun 2023

Q2 2023 – Slow and steady wins the race

After an intense start to the year, we spent April trying to catch up on all the amazing connections we made at the makers festival at the forum.

Behind the scenes our day to day activities continued as normal with literally tonnes of clothing and items being saved from waste. Piles of items being passed from charities to local artisans, or through our online sales. We welcomed The Cotswold Company to the businesses we work with (more info here ) and connected items from them with people like Christina from Brailsford learning (amazing book binding teacher hosting workshops through us we might add. Check out our event page for up to date event list) and The Puppet Theatre.

In April we had two work placements join us. These two amazing people came through the CAP project and will hopefully stay with us till the end of this year. Luke has been learning product photography and Anne has become an essential part in the process of reclaiming materials.

Slow Fashion Week Norwich, networking through Buy Local Norfolk, new volunteers joining our group and co-lab talks with a number of groups. What is it they say? Watch this space! 😉

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