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Volunteer with us!

We are in need of more people to help us save things from going to waste. This can be as simple as sewing a button on something or creating fabric Jelly Rolls.
Please send an e-mail to for more information.

Online sales
Most of our saved items are sold online. The money made from these sales is split between ReDo and the charities we work with, creating a win- win - win situation.
To expand this further we are not looking for people helping us with listing items (Thursdays 10 - 2 to start with), packing parcels (Mondays 10 -12 to start with), and photographing things for the sales. Please contact redo for more information.

We are booking more events than ever and would like to do even more! Could you join our event team? It could be helping at one of our jumble sales, or maybe you'd like to be part of the arranging of the events. Please send an email to for more info.

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