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It is difficult to create an exact list of what we can accept as it changes with every request. The lists below are just a few of the many things we currently are able to save from going to waste but the complete list, if there was one, is that it only shows a fraction of what we can save.

The best advice we can give right now is: Before you throw something away, send us an email and check.
Worst case we say no right now but it might just be the beginning of another solution!


*Cardboard boxes smaller than 50cm x 50 cm x 50 cm including shoeboxes.
*Cardboard sleeves
*Padded envelopes
*Bubble wrap and Poly beads
*Larger boxes (by agreement only. email first as our space is limited)

Other items

*Silica gel packs
*Storage boxes
*Jewellery including broken items
*Craft items, including
half-finished projects
*Christmas cards and other cards
*Stamps (used or mint)

*Dress making tape measures

 *Buttons and beads
*GU pots
*Pringle lids


Fabrics & Accessories

* Doilies, table cloths and 100% cotton sheets
* Clothes, shoes an
d handbags, including ones that need mending.

* Fabric offcuts (any size)

* Bed linen

* Broken umbrellas 


(working or non working)
*TomToms and other satnavs
*Mobile phones
*VHS players
*Cassette tape players

* Remote controls
*Games consoles 


ReDo Bee - Coming soon
A forum buzzing with ideas of
what to do with things you no longer need.

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