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July 2023 - September 2023

Maria Thornberg

30 Sept 2023

Q3 2023 - New friends, new projects, new beginnings!

July was an intence month with ups and downs. We hit a bit of a roadblock but soon found a way past it, thus entering a new road for ReDo. We welcomed the Ukraine Aid Centre to the list of local charities we work with, a partnership that spread far wider than "just" taking the clothing stock they no longer needed. We attended an eventful Strumpshaw Tree Fair amongst other events and managed to match 1000s of items with new happy owners. We spent quite a lot of time working with a group of not for profits, trying to find a communal space to create change together. The Norwich Unity Hub started to take shape. We also stepped up our game with Buy Local Norfolk, starting to plan our first ever networking event with them. September ended with our second ReDo Fashion and what an event it was.... Thank you to all involved :) 1000s of £ raised for all the charities involved. At the same week as the fashion show, we hosted our first art exhibition at John Lewis Norwich. Threads Of History is there to highlight the stories behind the items we own, and help us connect more with the clothing we wear.

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