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Dear fashion student :)

First of all, thank you for considering taking part in our second ​ReDo Fashion Event!

The event would not be possible without your help, so on behalf of us and
participating charities: THANK YOU!

The aim is simple. We want to show the world just how amazing secondhand can be,
highlight some of the many amazing charities we have here in Norfolk, and of course showcase your talent!
We want the world to see how sustainable fashion is everything but boring!

You can sign up to help solo, or if you prefer, as part of a team.
This brief is aimed at the fashion side of the event but we would also welcome help from anyone willing to do so. Photography, video, music.... The sky is the limit! Send an email to
We will then team you up with one out of the charities and
together we are asking you to do the following:

* Help to style 4 and create 1 outfit for the Sunday fashion show.
The first 4, are meant to be outfits styled from shop stock, without alterations.
The categories are:
1. “Just a normal day”, 2. “The great outdoors”, 3. “Dressed to impress”,
4. “See you down the pub” and 5. “Go wild!”
We give you pretty much free range to create these outfits,
but keep some things in mind.

This is a non-political and non-religious event. Keep the controversial out but feel free to incorporate the message of the charity you work with.

Be respectful to the charity and their staff/volunteers as the outfits should reflect them and their brand. It is about your creativity but also your ability to work with a client and as a part of a team.

The event is a family friendly event so no nudity :D
We love creativity and we want you to push boundaries, just don’t go too far 😉

It is complete outfits so think shoes and accessories too. Oh, and of course size!
Most of the charities will supply their own models but remember that the show
will be judged on both looks and overall feel; The more inclusive the better!
Fashion is for everyone, no matter size, gender, age etc.

The last category, “Go Wild”, is all about the creative. We won’t give you too many pointers here but don’t feel restricted by traditional materials!

* Please try to document your journey from the first meeting with the charity to the event.
We want to follow your journey from start to finish and will use the pictures in our online marketing.
(This is also something that can be used by you in your CV/portfolio.)

* The charity will have a space to create a pop-up shop. This shop will be styled by the charity but if needed we are sure that they appreciate the help.

* The pop-up shop will have to be re-stocked throughout the day. If the charity wants, please help them sort out items to re-stock throughout the day.

* We also encourage you to be active on social media during this process so work with your charity and don’t forget to add the hashtags #ReDoFashion #EverythingButThePants and of course the charity you work with. Let’s make some noise!

The event is on the 24th of September at the Mercure Hotel. Exact times to follow.

Any questions, please email

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