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ReDo - Recreate

ReDo - Recreate is about learning, mending, creating.

ReDo -Recreate is based on two principles:

Everything deserves a second chance

Everyone deserves to learn to mend, repair and create.

We want to promote sustainability and creative thinking.

Removing the financial barrier, making creativity accessible to anyone, as well as learning about sustainability in the textile and fashion industry.

We have a room dedicated for community activities, pop-up shops supporting local charities and independent eco artisans, talks, and workshops. We are planning to do at least 50% of these completely free of charge as we believe that learning should be for everyone no matter their financial status.

The textile waste is out of control and needs to be addressed, and through these workshops as well as a community space available for individuals just wanting to meet like minded people, we hope to help more people access sustainable solutions.

Project Gallery

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