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These Boots Are Made For Walking


These Tricker shoes, or Chelsea boots if you like, were handmade for a gentleman back in the 1960’s. At £60 they would have been a quite substantial sum of money, but built to last. Tucked inside the left boot we found a letter saying:
“To the charity: My apologies. These shoes, which I purchased in the 60’s haven’t kept up with my elderly bunions and arthritis.

I was going to throw them away but my neighbour says there is a market for peculiar people who like dressing up!”

The note goes on to list all the countries the previous owner lived in throughout his life.
If they could talk!

1965 – 1970: Ceylon
1970 – 1972: UK
1972 – 1978: Brazil
1978 – 1980: Kuwait, Iraq and Syria
1981 – 1983: Burma
1983 – 1985: Iran
1985 – 1986: India & Sri Lanka
1986 – 1993: UK
1993 – 1994: Pakistan & Afghanistan
1995 – 2023: UK

Last worn in 2011

We can’t think of a better example of “Buy quality – Buy once”.
These boots have covered many hundreds of miles of road in their life and will last many more still. By simply caring for what we have and keeping them in use, you reduce the carbon footprint of that item.

Think of a pair of shoes you own. Do you know its history? Where they were made? How many miles have your shoes travelled?

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