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“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it” Robert Swan It is the fact that not changing anything is so much easier, that stops so many. No matter if it is due to laziness, apathy or confusion, we continue as we are, masking it with “I’m just one person, it won’t matter”. And even when you try, conflicting arguments make it hard. No sooner have you found something you feel you can do, only to be told that it won’t make enough of a difference, or maybe that it isn’t actually eco-friendly after all. That’s where I found myself more than once. One day I just decided to cut out the noise and accept that I might not be perfect in what I do, but at least I do try! I started to look at what I as a person can change, and I made sure to stick to one small change at a time. Now, for many of you super eco-warriors out there, these changes might sound a bit underwhelming, but every journey starts with that first step, right?

Buying pre-loved is an obvious one, but having worked in the charity industry for well over 20 years my wardrobe is already pretty much 100% secondhand. It is amazing the bargains you get in charity shops! Anyway, back to the three small steps I started with at home. 1. I signed up for a subscription of loo and kitchen rolls through “Who gives a crap”. Apart from having the best business name ever, they provide you with plastic-free, eco-friendly paper that does not cost the earth AND they give back to the community too. What’s not to love? 2. The water in Norfolk is rather brutal on kettles and coffee machines so we have been using a Brita filter for many years. It has no doubt helped our kettle survive longer but those filters always bothered me! All that plastic! I know they have a recycling scheme and yes, we did use that, but still… So I checked out “Phox”, a filter you can refill and use over and over again. Extra points for their awesome packaging – NO PLASTIC! 3. I joined Freegle, Freecycle and Olio. All these apps and webpages help me give away what I can’t use instead of wasting it. It is amazing what others can use but also pick up a few things for ReDo! Just yesterday a lovely man named Peter dropped off a bag full of jiffy bags and mailing poly bags for us to reuse! So there you go. These were my first three steps. What will be yours? Or did you already take some steps you’d like to share with the world? Please email me and tell me all about it! xMaria PS. For an inspiring listen to how committing to small consistent actions can change the world, follow this link 😊

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