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Change is hard. Change is scary. And where on earth do you even start!?

It is so easy to think that unless you do everything it’s just not worth it. We at ReDo believe that it’s better that we all do something than just a few who do everything, so here are ten small changes you can make. Start with one and see just how easy it is 😊

  1. Instead of buying cleaning products in plastic bottles, buy refills or find a local zero waste shop.

  2. Make a meal plan and cut down on your food waste. Maybe consider a meat free meal every week?

  3. Donate any old newspaper to a local animal rescue

  4. Use left-over drinking water to water your plants

  5. Reuse wrapping paper or start using fabric wrapping instead? Scarf wrapping can be amazingly beautiful!

  6. Don’t leave things on standby

  7. Sweep instead of using a hoover

  8. Buy clothes from charity shops and donate old things you no longer want

  9. Use your senses rather than best before dates.

  10. Line dry instead of tumble dry as often as you can

Bonus tip: Smile at someone every day for no reason!


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