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Little Miss Bunny - We all deserve a second chance

Little miss busy found herself in a little bit of a pickle. No longer loved by the tiny human she had spent the last five years with, she now found herself in a box, uncomfortably stuck under a plastic toy house with a missing door. Contemplating life, she thought back at her journey and wondered what would be next. Born in Japan, she had made the trip all the way over to UK. Not just any bunny, but one made from 100% organic cotton, she knew that she had a long life ahead of her, although you wouldn't think it looking at her right now. Years of love, tears, comfort and play had taken their toll on her cream fur and she now sported a more greyish tin with dark patches of chocolate brown. Not the best look, she had to admit. One day one of the big humans walked into the room. With her, she had a binbag. The look on her face was determined and focused, Bunny didn't know why but it made her feel uneasy. Miss Bunny watched as other toys were thrown into the pitch-black sack and before she knew it, it was her time. Was this it? The end? Surely not! Movement and noises told her that they were on the move and soon she hear the familiar sound of a car door slamming shut. But where were they going? Bumps, bangs and the sound of lots of plastic toys slamming into each other filled the dark sack. A little bit scared, she was relieved when the car finally seemed to come to a standstill and it didn't take long for the sack to obviously be on the move again. What was that? A voice muffled by the sack and the other toys but did she hear the word donation? Another muffled voice seemed to be extremely happy, repeating the words thank you over and over again. Footsteps and then nothing. She must have dozed off but woke up to what must have been an earthquake. Suddenly bright light and faces she had never seen before, peered down at her. -Oh My God, shrieked one voice. Look at this one! Little Miss Bunny was dangling in between the fingertips of a big human. -It is disgusting! What even ARE those stains? Squealed the other, slightly smaller human. -Rag! That's what it is! Little Miss Bunny was quickly thrown into another bag by the large human. The sack was already filled with other well-loved cuddlys. -Oh. Are those toys? I'll take them. I'm sure that we can find a way to save them from landfill. This third voice came from a human Miss Bunny couldn't see but she definitely wanted to be saved. That landfill businesses didn't sound good and being called disgusting had made her very sad. She did not want to spend another minute in this place. The third voice fished out Miss Bunny, had a look at her and said "You sure were loved by someone, I can see that" and continued "Megan will have you look great again in no time". Megan? Who was this Megan she wondered, but she liked her already! The drive from the "Thank you thank you thank you" place to this Megan didn't take long and soon Miss Bunny heard two voices chatting and laughing. -Cuddly toys today? That will make a change from the clothes, said the new voice. Bunny could only guess this was the Megan human. She could not wait to get out of this stuffy black bin bag. There was a sort of smell she just could not identify but it was not pleasant. Suddenly another earthquake and she found herself on the floor with who she assumed was Magan looking down at her and the other well-loved teddy bears around her. -Oh dear, she said. Look at this little bunny. She giggled to herself as she fished Miss Bunny up and plonked her into a pot. -Let's have a "Guess the movie" photo shoot you and me little Bunny. Megan walked away and returned with a carrot! -Smile for the camera lovely! And Miss Bunney smiled, even though she had no idea what this movie could be. It didn't remind her of Frozen at all! -Don't worry. I'm not really going to boil you, you know. Miss Bunny breathed a sigh of relief. Somehow she knew that she was safe again.

Little Miss Bunny hard at work!


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