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Local business - Cat Nash

I grew up in a creative household, with dressmaking, knitting, crochet and embroidery as a part of everyday life. To have one’s own sewing machine and cutting out shears was considered a life necessity. My father owned a large collection of historical costumes and gave lectures to local groups and Societies from time to time. So, I was surrounded by shape, colour and design from an early age. Natural then for me to study Textile design at College, followed by a year working for the famous Liberty store. Later, I spent a further two years studying silversmithing and set up my own workshop, so I could work and run my own business from home. I am now a mother to a fifteen-year-old girl as well as being a wife to an amazingly tolerant husband. I work three days a week at a Jewellers shop in our local City. The rest of my time I run my own business, designing, making and selling both clothing and jewellery which is 90% up-cycled.

I reimagine and reuse the wonderful skill and creativity of the past, such as embroidered tablecloths and fine crochet tray cloths and doilies, to make modern day original fashion. I regard this as my full-time job and it is my passion. I am lucky enough to be able to use the largest room in our family home as my sewing/creative room, and part of our garage has been converted into a fully functional jeweller’s workshop. My business has become my passion! And fashion is changing! I believe that body inclusivity is important, so I design free flowing garments that complement a lot of body shapes, and which can be worn and look good on many sizes. I try to work in a free size way and measure each garment design. As I free cut them they do vary, which helps to incorporate many more shapes. In the summer we hit the road each weekend with the collection and trade at many music festivals across the UK. That is when I get a true understanding of what I do. I love to see people trying on my clothes and seeing themselves look different and feel comfortable......a sense of freedom perhaps? I spent ten years living and working in Chicago selling ladies fashion when I was in my twenties, and take a lot of my inspiration from Donna Jessica clothing, Flax clothing, and Blue Fish clothing. Although my designs are nothing like theirs, I just realise there is a market for unusual, original, wearable, functional art which can bring freedom and joy. xCat Nash

Cat Nash is a Norwich Fashion designer and her collection has grown over the last few years. The down time which the pandemic provided, meant that she could really concentrate on designing a versatile collection of clothing, all machine washable (but hand washing is best for the planet) It is a fully inclusive range, of size 8 to 22, with lots of lovely colours. The good news is Cat Nash has taken studio space in the Hubb, St Marys House, Duke street, you can book an appointment and visit to view the new collection in September. Just call 07730454782 to book a free appointment!


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