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Walking along the beach at Cromer, I found this lonely lost sole...

I must admit that my first reaction was a smile, because that play of word popped into my head, but then I started to think. How long would that take to break down naturally?

According to @enertor a shocking 149,000,000 shoes end up in landfill every year - that's a lot of insoles too! And yes, that number is for UK, not global! Enertor has received an innovation grant to allow them to recycle their own brand, turning the lost soles into playmats and loft insolation. How awesome is that! Please check them out and share this information far and wide!

Old shoes can often be donated to Charity shops to be resold, or sold as rags. If you are looking for a more creative way to recycle a pair of high heels, why not check out @millyjshoes ! Bringing upcycling to the next level for sure!

As for the lost sole on Cromer beach, there are three things we can all do to help.

1. Pick up rubbish (stay safe doing so of course). If we all picked up just one piece of litter every day... just imagine! If you want to step it up a bit, join a local litter pick. Check out @norfolk.beach.cleans for example!

2. React. When you see someone throw rubbish in the ground, tell them! Again, stay safe of course.

3. Leave nothing but footprints. Take your rubbish home, including cigarette butts! This is a whole other problem we will write about soon. xxMaria


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